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As part of the Biodiversity Week from 18 to 26 May at the Biodiversum, Bee Together and the natur&ëmwelt Kanton Réimech are organising an event on Sunday, 19 May from 2pm to 4pm about wild solitary bees near Wintrange.  We will observe and try to determine the species of wild solitary bees that we encounter during the excursion.  Our guide will explain their lifecycle and what actions we can take to improve their sources of food and habitat.  Children will welcome this opportunity to discover our natural world.As places are limited, registrations are required on or before 15 May.  The precise meeting location will be sent to those who register.In the case of poor weather conditions, the event will have to be rescheduled.Check out our ideas on how you can help wild solitary bees and pollinators in our “What can I do to help pollinators”

We encourage you to become a member of natur&ëmwelt to support their habitat and nature conservation efforts.  To become a member and to see the benefits of membership, you can consult this link.There is no cost for the event though we would appreciate donations based on the principle of: Pay What You Wish. The money collected from the event will be used to purchase seeds and/or fruit trees. You can either put money in the donation box at the event or transfer your donation to Bee Together's bank account:

Bank Account:   BCEE Bank Branch: BEI / EIB Bank Account Number: LU46 0019 4555 2039 4000With the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you will need to join our mailing list here to be informed of our future events and activities.We look forward to meeting you.

natur&ëmwelt Kanton Réimech and our guide: Fernand FeitzBee Together volunteer: John Park Biodiversum Biodiversity Week Coordinator: Nico Pantaleoni


photo leafcutter solitary bee (genus Megachile) (c) Fernand Feitz