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6 MONTHS CHOREOGRAPHIC SALSA BACHATA LUX- URY PROJECT by Alejandra Martínez: As everyone knows, Alejandra Martínez started with her new LUX- URY SALSA- BACHATA PROJECT in Luxembourg few months ago with the objective to create a choreographic team of ladies and perform the show in different parties and congresses! She created a LADIES TEAM wich learnt a choreo in a short period of time to improve their habilities as a dancers. (Here you can watch the vido with their results:, Alejandra would like to make another project, this time also with GUYS :) and with the same objective: TO LEARN AND IMPROVE THEIR SALSA / BACHATA SKILLS AND HAVE FUN EVERYONE TOGETHER GROWING AS A FAMILY IN THIS PROJECT! ABOUT THE PROJECT:This intensive chroeographic project will be during 6 months, one Saturday per month, 3hours. The program will be:From 15:30 to 16:30h: SALSA IMPROVE (class for everyone with not matter what level you have! :In this hour we will learn, practice and improve our basics , working in our Body Movement + Afro Moves + Control with the body+ Easy Footwork to aply at the social dance+ Styling... We will apply all these things in our basics, doing an easy combination to improve our general dance. Remember thay the basics steps are the most important things we should manage when we dance! Keep improving this!From 16:30 to 18:30: NEW CHOREOGRAPHIC PROJECT TEAM FOR GUYS AND LADIES:This time, the choreographic project team will be for GUYS AND LADIES! The focus of this project is to learn a CHOREO with a 2 songs mix to dance: SALSA AND BACHATA. In this choreo we will work:+Our BASICS (all that we will be working at the first hour)! + THE MUSIC INTERPRETATION (MUSICALITY )+ TIMING (dancing on time with the music)+ LEARNING NOT ONLY THE STEPS WE HAVE TO MAKE, BUT THE STYLING ABOUT HOW TO MAKE OUR DANCE NICER+ THE TECHNIQUE OF THE STEPS TO NOT LOSE OUR VALANCE+ SEVERAL SPINNING TECHNIC to turn well+ STYLING IN OUR COMPLET BODY (HOW TO MOVE OUR FEET, LEGS, HIPS, ARMS, SHOULDERS, IN A NICE WAY!+ OUR CONFIDENT WHEN WE DANCE+ OUR EXPRESSION IN A CHOREO+ OUR SINCRONITATION AT THE CHOREO AS A TEAM+ OUR RELATIONSHIP AS A TEAM ( NOBODY IS BETTER THAN NOBODY AND WE ARE DANCING TO IMPROVE TOGETHER! REMEMBER THAT WE ARE A TEAM :)As you can read, we have many things to work in this amazing project , and the BIG FOCUS is to IMPROVE AND GROW AS A DANCERS AND AS A FAMILY GROUP, CREATING A GOOD ATMOSPHER BETWEEN US!!!++IMPORTANT!!!!+It's possible to join only the first hour without the choreo (ONLY 1 HOUR)! + It´s possible to join only the choreo project (ONLY 2 HOURS, during the 6 months)! SCHEDULE:We will have a 6 months compromise (from January to June) with the team, meeting one Saturday per month 3 hours, from 15:30h to 18:30h .Saturday, 12 JanuarySaturday, 9 FebruarySaturday, 2 MarchSaturday, 13 AprilSaturday, 4 MaySaturday, 22 JuneIf you join this project and we count with you, you can only be absent 2 days in total, and if you can´t come, please let us know writing a sms in this event, and we will help you later sending you the videos and answering your questions about the lesson with the choreo. PRICE: +The TOTAL PRICE of the 6months intensive project will be 240€ (40€/ 3hday) +Only the first hour: 20€/ 1hday (15€/h for Alejandra regular students! +Total 6 months only 2 hours choreo: 210€ (35€/ 2hday)++OFFER: YOU WILL HAVE A 40€ DISCOUNT IN THE FULL PROJECT IF YOU MAKE YOUR PAYMENT IN ADVANCE (200€ IN TOTAL) Please, for the payment you can make a bank transfer to this Bank Acoount and you send me a picture by PM writing your name and "choreographic Lux".Bank Account: LU20 1111 3705 6727 0000BIC: CCPLLULLLUXEMBOURG ACCOUNT If you have any question, write me by PM and I will answer you asap! DON´T WAIT UNTIL LAST MINUTE TO BOOK YOUR PLACE!Best regards,Alejandra Martínez.