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Students of the European Schools, this is the OFFICIAL Euronight event

page to keep you updated on every detail you need to know! Make sure

to add your friends attending the party so they can also benefit from

the page.

????✨EURONIGHT 2019✨????

The Pupils’ Committees of Luxembourg I and II with the help of CoSup

welcome you to this year’s Euronight on the 16th of March at M Club!

Euronight is more than just a party. It’s the one event that will

bring together ES students from all over Europe. It’s an opportunity

for you to meet your colleagues from the other European Schools, make

friends and socialize. It’s your reminder that Mol still exists.????

DRESS CODE: Smart casual

DJs: Provided by the club

16+: ID required when buying tickets AND at the door during the event.

ALL 16 year olds must have a signed Euronight Authorization form at

the door or they will not be allowed in, no exceptions will be made.


The Pupils' Committees of Lux I & Lux II and CoSup will not be held

liable for any loss or damage done during the night.

For tickets or any additional questions, contact your CoSup reps!

EEB1: Jacob Stokkebye & Alexandra von Koppenfels

EEB2: Carolina Teixeira & Francesca Marchetti

EEB3: Clara Bracken & Shiryne Rommeleare

EEB4: Sara Lucy Powell & Eleonora Trinchieri

Luxembourg I: Séverin Clot & Diane Eloudou Mvondo

Luxembourg II: Harry Bolton & Abigail Bodenham

Mol: Adya Koul & Gilles Wyckmans

Alicante: Toni Roe & Lara Greiff

Bergen: Patrick Gonzales & Diogo Marcelino

Karlsruhe: Jasmine Venedey & Francesca Bosmediano

Frankfurt: Lorenzo Manganelli & Romain Topin

Munich: Agata Borowska & Oliver Riccio

Varese: Toby Swinton & Nick Syrris

Culham: Benedict Madzar & Oumarou Bourdanne

RheinMain: Natascha Unglaube & Alejandro Duque

Strasbourg: Neo hibbard & Francisco Ramos & Javier Sanchez & Stefanos