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In 1985 representatives of Belgium, France, West Germany, Luxembourg

and Netherlands signed the Schengen-Agreement. The ceremony was at

Princess Marie-Astrid boat on the river Moselle near the town of

Schengen, where the territories of France, Germany and Luxembourg

meet. Systematic internal border controls were abolished within the

area and later in most parts of Europe.

Schengen stands as a symbol for the freedom of movement.

Unfortunately, these border controls had been reinforced partially

regarding the borders between France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Denmark

and Sweden as a false national fake solution to the migration crisis.

Former generations have achieved these European benefits and freedoms

in a struggle. We want to protect them from short-sighted, irrational

nationalistic policies! Therefore we want to take a stand for the

values of Schengen and the European spirit of facing challenges

together and not against each other. We want to do that by a march

crossing two borders and three countries.

When? Where?

The Schengen march will take place on March 16th and will start at 1

pm in the French village of Apach at Hotel de Ville / Mairie. We will

walk to the border of the village to its neighbouring village Perl in

Germany. Crossing the border there we will walk around a kilometre

through Germany. Then we will cross the Mosel bridge arriving in

Schengen in Luxembourg. There we will have the end rally and final

speeches close to the European museum and Europe monument.