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Grab your sunscreen and sunglasses and join us during the Springbreak

at Luxexpo the Box on March 15!

The L5 will distribute FREE tickets in all the schools prior to the

event, which you will need to enter Springbreak.

These L5 tickets also give you the opportunity to win a prize! So make

sure to keep them!

Our L5 bar is located in the Urbanfoodvillage, where more than 20 Food

trucks are offering delicious food for all diets and tastes!

If you need a drink our L5 bar got your back! We will provide the

drinks for the day ???????????? (beer, wine, softs and more)

During the E-Lake New Release Festival, which takes place in the same

hall from 17h to 22h, you can enjoy new releases from local artists

and fresh drinks from our L5 bar.

After 22h, let the L5 party begin !!!!

So grab your tickets and we hope to see you then!

Get your tickets from one of our sellers:

LAML: Lizi Wagner, Joe Lippert

LMRL: Jennifer Kirchen, Andrea Werres

AL: Noelani Thielen, Elisabeth Hannah

LGL: Rob Boller, Nicolas Schlesser

LRSL: Corinne Kirsch, Jang Ast

LAM: Antoine Lesch, Jerry Zwank

LML: Chris Sibenaler, Yannick Vinti, Bubi Blei

Sportslycée: Clarisse Ochs

Fieldgen: Noemie Kieffer Tahnee Thielen