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It is our honour to welcome back for All Night Long Set an upcoming

great artist of electronic music, SIFA.

Born and raised in Brussels and bred from a hip-hop background,

DJ/Producer Sifa waltzed into electronic music by way of dance, landed

in an underground scene dominated by a rather hard techno-leaning

sound, yet unswervingly cultivated his own style. The Belgian’s

longstanding affair with music, guided by intuition and inspired by

artistic freedom, cannot easily be defined in words as it never let

itself be defined. Sifa’s promising career was jumpstarted as he

channeled his passion for electronic music and dance into event

planning, a serendipitous endeavor which led him to cross paths with

Ancestral soul guru and Offerings Label owner, Boddhi Satva. In 2016,

Sifa’s connection with Boddhi bedecked another layer, as the latter

entrusted the former the role of Label Manager of his prominent

Afro-house label.

While kept occupied by the day-to-day demands of running a successful

label, Sifa drew on his boss’ mentorship to further hone his skills

as a producer as well as enkindle synergies with fellow artists with a

common impulse and stimulation. On May 2016, Sifa was put on remix

duty for Zimbabwean artists Sons of Africa and DJ Nascent’s EP,

Arising, and did more than deliver. Less than a year after his debut,

Sifa expressed his artistry and acumen through his own remix of Mr. ID

& Kawtar Sadik’s ‘Salat Ala Nabina,’ a fervent and soul-stirring

dancefloor igniter that has earned a much-coveted spot on playlists of

some of the genre’s most selective and esteemed DJs - Dixon

[], Solomun (Official)

[], Guy Gerber

[], Frankey & Sandrino and Lehar,

to name a few.