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english (FRANCAIS en bas)

Second event of the cycle "Expressions of Humanity - What kind of

world do we want to live in?"

Today in Guatemala, the majority of indigenous population faces

extreme poverty without access to basic needs and struggles to defend

their lifestyle and land rights. Especially women and children are

most at risk.

The event “Empowering women in Guatemala. Maya cultural heritage and

the art of weaving” aims to create awareness and a dialogue about

ways and opportunities for Guatemalan women to use their own resources

to work themselves out of poverty.

50% of the tickets and all sales of beautiful handcrafted fashion

items during the event will go directly to the project B’alam, for

the organization of a tailoring workshop for 50 Guatemalan weavers in

August 2019.

#LearnShareAct []

What will this evening bring?

  • Screening of “Ixcanul” the multi-awarded film by the Guatemalan

filmmaker Jayro Bustamante (2015, VO French subtitles).

  • A discussion on the challenges for the indigenous populations in

Guatemala, and in particular the status of women. The focus will be on

women's strength, resilience and agency, on empowerment through the

valorisation of culture and income-generating activities.

  • Sale of handmade products/fashion items and the presentation of the

B'alam project (Maya weaving art)

Presentation of projects in Guatemala supported by Luxembourg-based

associations Frères des Hommes and ASTM.

  • A book and documentation corner, organised by ASTM, with a selection

of books about Guatemala and related themes available at the CITIM


  • The photography exhibition “Madre Mia” portraying women from

Guatemala and Luxembourg, a 2014 project by Frères des Hommes and the

Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers Luxembourg.

  • our Speakers' Corner with Fabio Bottani

  • Music and much more ...

Languages: French and English; interpretation to English provided by

the Agence interculturelle de l'ASTI

Please book your seat to facilitate planning:

Ticket sale: will be opened soon

Prévente (


: 6€