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January is the perfect month to start building a new habit. The New

Year comes with a promise of a fresh start and new beginning. We set

new intentions and resolutions for that New Year. But oftentimes a few

months in the new year we realize we can't keep them up and feel


Setting new intentions and creating a plan to adopt a healthier

lifestyle can be challenging, but there are a few steps you can follow

that will make the process of new habit building easier and more

successful. Breaking down a goal into small, logical steps that you

can easily follow, will make it much easier for you to reach that


We will cover these steps during the workshop. I have teamed up with

Miele for this workshop and you will be working in pairs of two on

your own cooking station.

You will be cooking your food with a partner, this is not a recipe

demonstration class.

The workshop is split into two parts:

  1. Theoretical part during which we will discuss how habits are built,

and how to create a new habit. We will also focus on the role of

willpower to make healthier food choices. I will also address how to

deal with cravings successfully.

  1. Practical / cooking workshop where together we will prepare 3

recipes that will cover three common issues when transitioning to a

healthier diet:

Sweet cravings

Reducing unhealthy fat intake

Eating more fruits and vegetables

Here is the menu and the recipes we'll cook together:

Spiralized raw veggie salad with lemon-tahini dressing

Sweet and spicy Portobello mushrooms

Raw chocolate cake with cacao frosting

At the end of the workshop we will sit down and enjoy the food

together with some kombucha from The Happy Guts' Company.

You will receive a handout covering how sustainable habits are build

and the three recipes we will prepare during the workshop.

Please note that you need to make your reservation in advance in order

to attend this workshop.