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Limited to 10 people only upon reservation : +352 26 35 41 or

Yoga session from 10am to 11am

For begginers and experts.


Languages spoken : French, English, Luxembourgish, German.

The message from Pamela, our yoga teacher :

As a Positive Psychologist, I am passionate about the science of

wellbeing and especially about helping people to discover and express

their true selves. Yoga plays a key role in this journey of uncovering

one’s uniqueness: our body tells our own story and by getting to

know our body, we get to discover our own potential. With every yoga

practice, we create more space in our body, more space in our mind and

more space in our life to find the courage to be who we really are.

Vinyasa Flow is a yoga style that links movement with breath and

connects one pose to another, in order to create a flowing sequence of

a variety of poses. Expect to build strength, flexibility and

endurance while you flow through standing and seated poses, forward

folds and backbends, inversions, twists and balancing poses.

My yoga classes have a strong element of mindfulness to them, to help

you reconnect with yourself and get to know your body, your mind and

your emotions better. You will not only learn to meet your (momentary)

limitations with self-compassion, but gradually develop more strength,

more flexibility, more balance and more flow both in your practice and

in life.