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« On this album, the beat is king as much as the yowling riffs, which makes « Mindfucker » a high octane treat for the feet as well as the ears ! » –Blabbermouth « True to form, Monster Magnet's new and eleventh studio album, « Mindfucker », is a hopped-up, turned-on and pissed-off adrenaline shot of hip-shaking high-energy biker-boogie-punk-psych rock—essentially, it's the sound Wyndorf has been chasing, and perfecting, since his childhood days in New Jersey ! » -Revolver Mag Coming from New Jersey and compiling music legacy from famous 70’s rock bands (Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, Stooges, MC5,…), Monster Magnet draws it’s roots from Heavy Metal, Space Rock and Psychedelic Rock.Still driven by Dave Wyndorf, and after having written some of the best stoner hits of the last decades (Negasonic teenage warhead, Spacelord, Dopes to infinity,…), Monster Magnet came back to life recently with Mindfucker, it’s eleventh album, considered by the metal press as on of their best !Next January, the band will be back at Kufa, almost 20 years after a crazy-hypnotic-weirdo set where Wyndorf, yet at his peak form, finally burnt his guitar on stage…