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An exceptional concert that should not be missedFriday December 7th – 8.30pm“We are very passionate about music and are involved in all aspects of the creative process, from song writing to creating melodies and beats”.Imminent is a family music group consisting of three sisters and their younger brother.Growing up around musical parents, singing and music were the lifeblood of family camaraderie. The group began with the older three siblings (Sweetie, Katouche & Nosente) singing in church and developing their sound and harmonies. They went on to release their first EP “Letting Go” in 2014. It was the introduction to the group’s understanding of their musical style and message.Their younger brother (Aren) a prolific percussionist began drumming as early as 9 months. Aren officially joined the group as the resident percussionist soon after the release of “Letting Go”.Imminent has performed around the UK and in Europe. Their sophomore EP “Pocket Change” released summer 2018 is the fitting sequel to the lyrical themes and sounds of their first EP, exploring identity, relationships and their lived experiences.InformationsOuverture des portes : 19h00Fermeture des caisses : 20h15Début du concert : 20h30(Important : les réservations sont maintenues jusqu’à 20h15)Billets: Plein tarif (caisse du soir) 25 EURPrévente 20 EUREnfants <14 / Membres Altrimenti(caisse du soir ou prévente) 15 EURCarte KulturPass (5 places disponibles) 1,5 EURPresse GratuitPour informations et réservations:+ 352 28778977 – cultura@altrimenti.luAltrimenti est partner culturel kulturpass