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Secure your Tickets here: Christmas Gala – an unforgettable event for the "PM Family"!The end of the year is a time where the "PM Family", which is becoming larger and more international from year to year, shares very special moments with one another. The traditional and exclusive Top Management Christmas Gala with Rolf and Vicki Sorg is a part of this.A due start to the PM Winter Leadership is the traditional and exclusive Christmas Gala for all leaders together with PM-International founder and board member, Rolf Sorg and his wife Vicki. A moving event in a "thriving" family business - and truly a highlight in the PM calendar year.Under the motto "We are PM", this event will remain in the memory of anyone who experiences it for a long time. Witness the Christmas speech held by Rolf and Vicki Sorg. Listen to them give very personal words of gratitude, recognition and pride directed at the participants....and, of course, one thing which cannot be missed out on during such a Christmas celebration of this uniqueness: Gifts! Rolf and Vicki Sorg are going to hand them over to you personally! A moment you will hold dear to your heart!20:30pm - open endPM-International Headquarters15, WäistroossL-5445 SchengenThere is free seating from the marketing levels of Vice President and Executive Vice President.There will be seat allocation for newly qualified or confirmed President's Team in the bonus month of November 2018. Festive business clothing is desired.