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SALSA/ BACHATA/ KIZOMBA NIGHT in LUXEMBOURG WITH 2hours BACHATA WORKSHOP WITH JACKY TABONE & ALEJANDRA MARTÍNEZ Organized by Alejandra MartínezDo you want to learn/ improve your basics, leading and following, technique, body movement, musicality, styling...etc etc etc??? Then join us next Friday 7th December from 20:30 to 22:30h for 2hours BACHATA BATTLE AND PARTNERWORK BETWEEN GUYS AND LADIES!!! :) :) WE WILL HAVE THE HONOR TO HAVE THIS TIME WITH US JACKY TABONE, AN AMAZING DANCER COMING DIRECTLY FROM FRANCE JUST FOR US!!! HE IS A VERY RECOGNIZED DANCER AND TEACHER, WITH MANY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE DANICNG AND TEACHING SALSA AND BACHATA! HOW WILL BE THE WORKSHOP???The First part we will do a BATTLE FOORTWORK between 2 teams: JACKY´S TEAM AND ALEJANDRA´S TEAM: You will learn a nice foortwork combintaion, the guys with Jacky and the Ladies with Alejandra. Once you have the steps, WE WILL MAKE A BATTLE BETWEEN THE 2 GROUPS, LADIES AND GUYS!!! THE TEAM WHO WILL MAKE IT BETTER WILL BE THE WINNER!!! Second part of the workshop: We will teach a nice bachata partnerwork combination to use it at the dance floor! AFTER WORKSHOP, YOU COULD PRACTICE THE COMBINATION AT THE PARTY, STARTING AT 22:30H UNTIL 3 AM! WE WILL BE DANCING ALL NIGHT WITH ALL OF YOU, UNTIL THE END OF THE PARTY!!! :D ;D ;D HORARIES: +From 20:30 to 22:30h: BACHATA ALL LEVELS WITH SPECIFIC EXPLANATION+From 22:30 to 03:00a.m. SOCIAL DANCEDJ : Best mix of Bachata, Salsa, Mambo, Timba Cubana by ASSANE DJ, COMING DIRECTLY FROM FRANCE JUST FOR US!!! :D AMAZING ANIMATIONS PRICE +2h WORKSHOP: 20€ (PARTY IS FREE)+1H WORKSHOP: 15€+ ONLY PARTY: 6 € + SPECIAL PRICE FOR Alejandra Martinez student's who will join before the workshop to the christmas dinner If you have any question, contact me by PM! :)JOIN US!!!! :D :D :D