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Vendredi 7 décembre 2018 de 19:30 à 22:30We invite you to a great SOUND - LIGHT – MANTRA experience for the last Newmoon of 2018, also a portal day, though wonderful conditions to transmit high frequencies.Let us join again all together for chanting and praying in a most cozy an appropriated room, before Christmas and wintertime. Spread bhakti and celebrate out of our hearts around us...the sound light voice combination will rise our frequencies in a natural way, without needing anything else but water....namaste, Nalu ????????1st part: Intuitive sound meditative bath & purification, composed by Nalu & Marie, 2 sound therapist using sound for healing and featuring Tibetan sound bowls, Gongs, Monochords, Elf harps and others.2nd part: Nalu transmits light frequencies during 30 minutes and will raise your energy level to a maximum possible, with a pleasant impact on your voice for the final part, mantra singing 3 rd part: Bhakti and surrender with two wonderful souls, Sam and Marija, singing together Bhajans and chanting with us some Mooji and Mantras, with their beautiful harmonium.We will practice open heart singing together, after that, we'll share the Prasad. This will be as well one of the last spiritual events in MEIN RAUM, as that project is in a state of change and will reappear in another space and time. So this in honor to the great work of my old friend, Marie.Namasté, Nalu The place: Mein Raum, 6, avenue Berchem, L-1231 HowaldPossibility to come by train or bus The price: 40,-€ and possibility of donation for Sam and Marija in respect of their wish.You need: a yoga mat if you have, 1 meditation cushion ou simple cushion, 1 blanket, 1 bottle of water . If somebody is playing tabla, feel free to join us.Please register by PN or email, Places are restricted. Nalu : or PN : Nalu An Ra